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Meet FAIB Members - Get to know the Association of Issuing Bodies and meet its Secretary General, Liesbeth Switten

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) is an international association that brings together the issuing bodies in Europe of Guarantees of Origins (GO) for renewable energies. The GO is proof of production of renewable energy to end consumers, which means that the final customers can know without doubt from which source the energy they consume is produced and therefore consciously choose renewable energy and drive the energy transition forward.

With this aim, the AIB has developed the European Energy Certificate System (EECS®), a standard for Guarantee of Origins. They also operate the AIB hub for facilitating the trade of certificates and they provide a platform for their members to discuss and harmonise matters of common interest.

Currently, the AIB has 30 members all over Europe. Each member is the competent body that has been authorised by the government of their country or region to manage the Guarantees of Origins and to administer energy certificate systems.

Liesbeth Switten, Secretary General of AIB, has been active within the organisation since 2006 and has had different roles within it, starting as member representative, then being the Legal Advisor, chairing the organisational change process and the quality assurance system and finally taking over the role of Secretary General in August 2020.

“What I like best about the work is the combination of bringing stakeholders together, working in an international context and providing excellence for a good purpose. I really enjoy the “whole package”, the work is very diverse, and I love that working in an international association always seems to take place in a very constructive atmosphere.”

Born and raised in Belgium, she loves her mother country, and likes the fact that it has such a rich culture, history, … and gastronomy, as well as the laid-back way of life!

The AIB has been a member of the FAIB for about 10 years. They became a member (and have stayed one ever since) because there are not many associations that provide neutral information about association management, like FAIB does.

Of the services provided by the FAIB, the AIB particularly appreciates the webinars and seminars, which are always of very high quality, with excellent speakers and which provide hands-on information that is up-to-date and ready to use!

Liesbeth Switten, Secretary General


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