Since 2011, the FAIB has concluded sponsoring agreements with selected partners.

The number of representatives per category has been fixed at three, except for destinations (unlimited).

Interested in finding out more and details?

Please open the Master Sponsorship Agreement and/or contact Danièle VRANKEN, Secretary General FAIB.

The following sectors are represented:

  • Association Management
  • Convention bureaus
  • Destinations
  • Hotel chains
  • Language services
  • Law firm
  • Pay-roll bureau and mutuality
  • Professional Congress Organizers
  • Public relations & public affairs
  • Rental of temporary housing facilities

At its meeting of 21 March 2019, the FAIB General Assembly has approved a "Gold" Sponsorship category offering the following services in addition to those listed in the regular sponsorship agreement:

  • “Gold” sponsorship-category offering a broader visibility to the sponsoring partner, such as:
    • be entitled to a banner in the FAIB news “sponsored by xxxx”;
    • invite a speaker to address FAIB’s members during a lunch-debate;
    • host a table or bring advertising material to FAIB’s annual general assembly;
    • display a pop-up at an FAIB General Assembly
  • The annual contribution for this “Gold” sponsorship is 5.000€

And these are our sponsors:

  • AccorHotels

    Taking the pain out of Congress organisation
    For Associations, most of the time, negotiating with hotels is a nightmare - they often find hotels will struggle to understand why they can’t guarantee the room blocks while at the same time demanding huge deposits!

    To avoid such situation, we then have built the “Success in Congress” programme specifically to make associations aware of the AccorHotels strategy.

    The aim of this programme is to develop innovative measures to meet the particular hospitality requirements of associations organising congresses. As volunteers undertaking the responsibility of both running their associations and managing their events, our clients are looking for personalised, practical and highly cost-effective solutions. In response, AccorHotels country and hotel experts have made 11 commitments for any size of organisation.

    AccorHotels not only ensures the need for excellent accommodation is met in destinations worldwide, but with half of the AccorHotels network offering meeting space, also offers an outstanding solution to conference requirements.

    In order to keep understanding the Association market, AccorHotels is proud to become a partner of the FAIB.

    The AccorHotels group
    AccorHotels is a world-leading travel & lifestyle group with more than 4,100 hotels and operates in 95 countries. With an unmatched collection of brands (from economy to luxury) and a rich history spanning close to five decades, AccorHotels, along with its global team of more than 240,000 dedicated people, has a purposeful and heartfelt mission: to make every guest Feel Welcome


    AccorHotels Global Sales – Congress Market
    T. +33(0)1 41 33 71 10



  • Atout France
    The Convention Bureau for France

    Atout France, the Agency for the touristic development of France


  • Blue Trees
    organisation in charge of dealing with financial technology

    More info coming soon...

  • Cambre Associates
    Communication and Public Affairs

    Cambre Associates is a full service public policy and public relations agency built for the challenges of today – and tomorrow. We are creative, yet pragmatic; mid-sized yet global, with partners across Europe and beyond. Founded over a decade ago, Cambre takes an integrated approach to our clients’ challenges, based on best practice and in-depth knowledge of the policy landscapes in Brussels and internationally.

    We are a multidisciplinary consultancy focused on European association management, advocacy and communications. We have dedicated media relations, digital and event management teams known for their expertise and success. Based in Brussels with a network of European and global partner agencies, we combine detailed knowledge of the policy world with a creative approach to communication.

    Contact: Feriel Saouli information@cambre-associates.com

    Cambre Associates has released the third edition of its #DigitalAssociations report, an ongoing research project that has been tracking the social media activity of almost 600 European industry groups. Twitter and LinkedIn continue to lead the charts but YouTube is the platform growing the fastest. In 2017, European associations posted more than 2,000 new videos attracting well over 3 million new views. The percentage of associations active on at least one channel has now reached 67%. The downside is that there are still 33% which do not use any social media… Time to join the conversation?

    Take a look at the full report and join the conversation using #DigitalAssociations.

  • Group S
    Human Resources

    Business Portal

    Formalis will guide you through the registration process for starting up your business in Belgium. All legal obligations related to doing business in Belgium will be explained and fulfilled by Formalis, so you can be certain that your activities in Belgium will start up smoothly and correctly. Formalis will register your company
    with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and get you a company number.

    Social Security Insurance for the Self-Employed

    Self-employed persons in Belgium need to register with a Social insurance provider. Group S offers you that possibility in-house. We will calculate your social security contributions. The payment of these contributions give you the right to receive child benefits, pension, social insurance in case of bankruptcy and access to legal sickness and incapacitation benefits.

    External Payroll Office

    Whatever the size of your business, Human Resources Management is a complex issue. An error in implementation of social legislation can be very costly. So most employers entrust administration of salaries to an authorized external payroll office. Your personal payroll manager, who is your first point of contact,
    keeps careful watch and provides you with day-to-day advice. He calculates wages and social contributions correctly, ensuring that you fully comply with social legislation.

    Legal Assistance

    As an employer, you have to deal with complicated social legislation. We offer you :

    • assistance and advice on individual and collective work regulations ;
    • legal defense in the event of a conflict with an employee or with the Social Security authorities ;
    • template documents.

    Child benefit

    Your staff members with children are entitled to allowances. Group S handles the formalities and settles child benefits and other bonuses when a child is born or adopted.

    Group S International Division

    In response to the growing number of international enterprises and associations active in Belgium, Group S has set up an English-speaking division for its international clients.

    Group S services for international clients include the following :

    • An English-speaking payroll manager ;
    • Pay slips issued in English ;
    • Salary simulations ;
    • Legal assistance in English ;
    • Specific expertise on matters relating to foreign workers (posting of workers, work permits, expat status, etc.) ;
    • Assistance with setting up a fringe benefits policy ;
    • Pro-forma documents and documentation in English ;
    • Statutory and extra-statutory insurance ;
    • Partnership with the National Health Insurance: Euromut.

    Group S is growing internationally. In France we operate through our subsidiary Group S – Management Services. We can meet the needs of companies active in Belgium and/or in France by offering them the same services in both countries.

    We also currently work with partners for payroll management of employees of companies based in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

    Special Rate:

    As a member of FAIB, your association can benefit from a specific rate at GroupS (up to 30 % discount on handling fees).


  • Hilton International
    Hotels & Resorts


    Objectives: We understand that your organisations needs are key. With this in mind, Hilton has created a 24/7 online booking link for you to get the last available room and benefit from a 10% discount on our best available rate in over 150 hotels across Big Europe. Visit our dedicated Associations reservations page and unlock discounted Association Travel Rates http://stay.hilton.com/associations/

    For your group bookings, Hilton has adapted its events booking conditions* especially for you:

    • EASY – a reduced deposit.
    • FAST – access to a Web based tool allowing travellers to book directly. No Association deposit is required.
    • FLEXIBLE – reduce the number of delegates until 45 days prior arrival without charge.

    Cecile Potut – Director of Sales Operations
    Email: cecile.potut@Hilton.com
    Phone: +32 496 598 167

    Association Flyers:
    Individual rate offer
    Groups rate offer



  • I-Heb Management
    Tax and Accounting

    I-Heb Management, an innovative Tax and Accounting mostly working at an international level for A.I.S.B.L

    Our services

    The main purpose of I-Heb Management is to excel in delivering the best services in our core business:

    • Accountancy: our team assists you in maintaining and reviewing your accounts and all accounting expert missions.
    • Taxation: we continuously optimize your tax situation, and in respect of your fiscal obligations, you can trust our experts.
    • Management advice: our informed advice and comprehensive expertise will play a key role in the growth, performance and profitability of your business.
    • Special undertakings: business transformation, mergers, and liquidation etc… our firm is qualified to help you complete the various procedures required by the Companies’ Code.
    • Tax representation: if you want your company to operate in the Belgian market, but do not wish to create a branch, our firm is the solution to your representation in Belgium.
    • Administrative assistance: if administrative procedure are weighting you down our team can assist you, so that you can devote your energies to your business activities.

    We carry out our mission in conformity with the Belgian, and if the case may be, European professional standards.

    Our team

    To carry out this mission we rely on Ms Samah Dugardin, manager of I-HEB MANAGEMENT. Ms Dugardin has been active as an accountant and tax expert for the past ten years and her qualifications and appointments have allowed her to gather substantial experience in the bookkeeping in two languages of national or international companies or associations in Belgium or abroad.

    In addition, the size of I-HEB MANAGEMENT trustee ensures that all bookkeeping tasks are performed in a pro-active manner by experienced professionals who closely interact with the accountant in charge. Thanks to this modest size client relationships are managed more smoothly than in larger firms, which allows to plan the work to be done in a more pleasant way. It also makes it easier to free up capacity when an urgent matter needs to be addressed.

    The mission is always carried out rigorously and with due professional care.

    Contact us!

    Are you interested in a collaboration with us? I-HEB Management offers you a first appointment free of charge and without obligation.

    +32 2 344 18 38
    Email: info@iheb.besamah.dugardin@iheb.bewww.ihebmanagement.be

  • idloom
    Effortless event creation and management

    Effortless event creation and management

    Thanks to the partnership recently concluded with idloom - Belgium the FAIB has access to the event registration tool developped by idloom.

    idloom-events® is a complete and professional tool that manages and automates all key aspects of event management: creation of a dedicated website, registrations, reservations, payments, etc.




  • Kellen NV/SA
    Association Management

    Kellen provides association management, strategic advice, global consulting, government affairs, market research and European representation services to associations and corporations worldwide.

    Our Europe-based Kellen team includes 35 experienced professionals with a variety of complementary backgrounds, industry knowledge and skills. Each of whom has extensive experience in the management and representation of national, European and global associations and is competent in at least three European languages

    Kellen Clients benefit from specialized association management knowledge, enriched service offering and privileged links with EU and US-based decision-makers.

    Kellen has offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Brussels, Chicago, Denver, Kansas, New York and Washington D.C.

    Our 350 professionals around the globe are specially trained in areas ranging from engineering to nutrition, from integrated communications to global consulting, and of course, in association management and meeting planning. And while association management is what we’re best known for – it’s just one part of what we do.


  • MCI Benelux SA
    Event Management company

    MCI is a globally integrated association, communications, public affairs & event management company, building community around institutions, brands, products, services and companies.

    As an International independent group, MCI is specialised in associations, communications, governmental affairs and events.

    MCI offers global and integrated solutions to help associations reach their objectives, anticipate trends and build a sustainable future.

    MCI supports organisations and programmes from 50 to 50 000 people, in Belgium, Europe & everywhere around the world.





  • Presence Group
    Translate & Interact

    Presence Translate & Interact - Makes languages, meetings and cultures work for you in live and virtual environments.

    We are Luxemburg-based communications agency that combines linguistic expertise with top-notch technologies to offer a wide range of meeting formats to fit our customers’ needs.

    Translation and Interpretation

    For associations communication is essential, both internally with their member organisations, and with the outside world. In today’s globalized multilingual environment, it is essential to have the right language professionals to bring these messages across. We screen our clients’ needs and design the language solution that suits them best, in terms of field of expertise, technology and price. Our interpreters and translators have a proven track record and are trained to work with the latest live and virtual translation technologies.

    Live and Virtual Meetings

    Our meeting organisers will assist you in finding a venue and organising the whole or certain aspects of your meeting or event, whether it is held externally or at your premises. We can also offer our virtual platforms to hold multilingual webinars or phone calls, or set up hybrid meetings, where live and virtual participation are combined. This way, our clients save time, money and effort, and help safeguard the environment by holding a green event.

    Crowd Intelligence

    Engage event participants by empowering them to make decisions. With our audience scan and voting systems you can fine-tune your messages and events to match your target group.

    Contact details

    Peter Van Den Steene is the Director of the Board and legal representative of the company.

    For more details on our services or to request a demo of our multilingual webinar platform (free for FAIB members), contact us at:

    Tel: +352 26 19 60 54

  • PwC Legal

    PwC Legal (previously Law Square) was founded in October 2013 as an independent law firm. It forms part of a network of more than 3,500 lawyers in 95 countries. PwC Legal in Belgium is a multidisciplinary team of over sixty passionate lawyers, all registered at the Brussels or Antwerp Bar, and who combine many years of experience in different areas of expertise.

    Our clientele comprises both commercial companies and associations. From start-ups and SME’s to listed companies, from non-profit and governmental organisations to big international networks, our firm guides all kinds of organisations through aspects of both public and private sector business law, in Belgium and beyond. We advise in matters related to M&A, general corporate law, banking and finance, business contracts, privacy and data protection, real estate, financial regulations, intellectual property, public and administrative law and tax policy and litigation.

    Building or restructuring a not-for-profit business can be highly complex, both legally and operationally, and requires practical and creative solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists has- in-depth, demonstrated expertise in helping national and international organisations with all aspects of funding, expenditure, governance structures, restructuring and more, taking already into account potential opportunities under the new Belgian Code for Companies and Associations. We work alongside our clients to design, optimise or restructure their organisation, within this new legal context, and always keeping in mind our clients’ long-term goals.

    We collaborate with our PwC network, departmentally and globally, to bring you a complete end-to-end solution under one roof.

    For any question, please contact: Elise De Baerdemaecker, Advocaat Vennoot / Avocat Associé elise.de.baerdemaecker@pwc.com Tel: +32 2 710 78 03 - Visit us at www.pwclegal.be



  • Symbio
    Mutualité Neutre

    Symbio Business, the partner who will guide your co-workers through Belgian social security

    Symbio is the first mutual insurance company ever established in Belgium, and has more than 150 years of experience. Unlike many other European Countries, in Belgium you need to be registered with a mutuality to be able to have your health care costs reimbursed. Also, in case of incapacity to work, the mutual insurance company acts as an intermediary to allow their members to get sickness/maternity benefits.

    Symbio is experienced in providing a personalized service to expats. Our team is multilingual and composed of experts in matters relating to international conventions. We offer you the best benefits suiting your personal situation and tailor-made compulsory and hospitalization insurances.

    From now on, Symbio Business is there for Belgian companies, offering them the best business solutions and a win-win situation for both sides. For foreign businesses set up in Belgium, we can be a reliable partner who takes care of the entire administration regarding health insurance and assures the well-being of the company’s employees. The employer gets fiscal benefits and becomes more attractive for their current and potential employees, while the employees have less worries and are more motivated.

    What’s more, Symbio has a great network of partners, such as Group S, Justine Henin, KV Oostende, Topvolley Antwerpen, Brussels Philharmonic… We work multiregional and we have the most comprehensive package on the market. With our specific business offer, we will work out a customized package for your company and streamline the administration. You and your employees will simply get support in every stage of their life and benefits according to their personal situation. Symbio Business will make your life easier!

    Get in touch with us and find out more about what we can do for you!

    Avenue de Tervuren 68-70, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels
    +32 2 733 97 40
    Email: expat@symbio.bebusiness@symbio.bewww.symbio.be

  • visit.brussels

    visit.brussels is the tourism and culture city marketing agency of Brussels.

    Brussels, a "world city" where 180 different nationalities mingle, and also “world’s capital” of international associations, with over 2300 with their headquarters on its territory.

    To serve all associations’ needs to develop their activities Brussels, visit.brussels counts with a dedicated Convention and Association Bureau:

    • to support with all the information for setting up or operating the association in Brussels with the support of its partners (of which the FAIB)
    • to contribute to the city discovery by the association community ecosystem in Brussels
    • to develop an association community ecosystem in Brussels
    • to assist in organising an association meeting
    • to guide to various service providers operating in the city
    • to develop partnerships at local level and with other association hub cities

    The visit.brussels multilingual team will be pleased to provide you with support and advice. Just contact us.

    More information:


    Patrick Bontinck, CEO
    Milena Zandonà, Business Development Expert

    Rue Royale 2-4 - 1000 Bruxelles
    Phone +32(0)2.513.89.40
    Email: m.zandona@visit.brussels



  • VisitBritain
    tourism organisation

    VisitBritain is the official tourism organisation proudly promoting thecountry as a leading destination for business events.

    Great destinations, high-quality infrastructure, a long history of research and innovation are just some of the reasons why Britain should be your destination of choice.

    VisitBritain Business Events team can offer you professional advice and support. The team is dedicated to ensuring your conference experience in the United Kingdom is a success and filled with memories.

    Contact us to discover how VisitBritain can make your next business event great.”





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